Saturday, January 07, 2012

Moving to Fort Campbell

CrossFit Yongsan had a good run bringing functional fitness to the ROK.

The latest PCS move is taking us back to the States and Clarksville, Tennessee.

CrazyWife CrossFit will be reopening its 'doors' just in time for the Reebok CrossFit Games Open competition beginning on 22 February.

If you are stuck in Korea and looking for a CrossFit fix, check out FIGHT TONIGHT CROSSFIT in Yongsan.


  1. Hi I'll be visiting Korea next week and was wondering if there are any Crossfit gyms in the Yongdeungpo Area. Or even close enough for a decent cab ride. I hope you can help! Thank you!!

  2. Hey y'all, I had to return to Korea to complete my mandatory military training, which I just finished. But since I'm serving as a public service agent, I have time to workout after I get off work, and I love CrossFit so I'd love to come and join you guys. Where in Yongsan are you guys located? Thanks!